Simple fix on KDE wayland for windows to remember their last position

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Simple fix on KDE wayland for windows to remember their last position

Thanks to /u/ for mentioning KDE window rules. In KDE, we can add rules for windows so that they behave in specific ways. One rule that can be added is the position: remember rule, and it's possible to make that rule apply to all windows by removing the match field. This way, closing and reopening windows keeps them where they were.

This is a very typical complaint about wayland that a lot of people have, something that apparently worked natively with X11 and annoyed me to no end since I had to position all the windows every day when logging into my desktop. No more! I hope this helps :)

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This fix is hillarious. Why isnt that default, if such a powerful feature exists??

Fushuan [he/him] [OP]

It wasn't needed in x11 so I guess it wasn't made default when Wayland dropped, since it's something extra that the DE is checking. In any case, I have plenty processing power to spare for this fix so it's fine by me.


Usually the program manages this for itself, among a few other things, so normally this is not needed, but it seems wayland does not allow them to set their own location.

boredsquirrel , edited

Yes and that is known. Programs are not able to see the screen, as this can be fingerprintable or other issues. So they cannot place themselves.

So this is the obvious solution!


They don't shouldn't need to see the screen just to position themselves on it. Or do you mean the screen size?


Yes they need to know screen size, layout, DPI, arrangements


I was literally just looking this up 30 minutes ago. Incredible timing. Thanks for sharing

Lettuce eat lettuce

Thanks a bunch for this, just what I was looking for!


Why on earth isn't this the default behavior lol, who is out there wanting their windows to just open up randomly.

ReversalHatchery , edited

First time reading this, thought talking about MS Windows for just a moment....

"You get back in the dumpster where you belong!"


Is there a rule to make sure when you open a window on one virtual desktop or on one screen it stays on that screen and doesn't try to open on your current desktop? Sometimes I try to switch desktops before an app has launched and it opens up right where I'm trying to do something else.

Fushuan [he/him] [OP]

There's a virtual desktop property and it has the remember value, bu5bidk of it will work since I have just a single virtual desktop. Go test :)


This is great. Thank you for sharing!! I was just thinking about how I wanted this and knew it had to exist in the settings but hadn’t gotten around to looking up how to accomplish it.


This does not remember the position of each individual window, though. i.e. all programs will (still) open on the same position.


Is there a GNOME extension for this?

Fushuan [he/him] [OP]

No idea, you'll have to search around.