Now you can create audio posts

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When you make a normal 'link' post, if the url ends with .mp3 then PieFed will provide audio player controls on the page and put a little speaker icon on the post teaser, shown in lists of posts.

Go to to see it in action.

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Thats awesome! I wonder if it will be possible to conveniently click to generate a transcript of words in the audio posts for people who have hearing difficulties or just can't listen to audio in the moment

Rimu [OP]

It's theoretically quite simple to code but it would probably involve paying a third party money to use their API? Maybe AWS Free Tier has something...

If some people started publishing their podcast through PieFed (the RSS feed of the community is effectively a podcast feed) then it would be worth putting more effort into the audio functionality but I don't see the need at the moment. Audio content is not big on the threadverse.


yeah definitely not a priority for now and if you're going to use AWS or something similar I think it much much better to use it for text translation so it's easier for people to communicate across languages seamlessly (another thing phanpy does greatly! it autodetects text in other languages and translates it for you below the original text wihout needing to click anything)

Rimu [OP]

Wow, yeah that would be cool. There is a lot of German and Portuguese content on the threadverse... Check out all these Brazilian communities -