Anyone running Zoraxy v3, the reverse proxy for networking noobs?

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cross-posted from: Zoraxy describes itself as:

"General purpose request (reverse) proxy and forwarding tool for networking noobs. Now written in Go!".

Yet it seems to be packed with goodies and features, such as Geo-IP & Blacklist, ZeroTier controller integrated GAN, IP Scanner, Real Time Stats and even built in Uptime monitor. Addtionally, it can run via a single binary for those who don't want to rely on Docker. There is also an Unraid Template available from IBRACORP. Lastly the project is under the AGPL license 🌻

I also checked, and saw this was recommended on this community 9months ago, but didn't seem to get much attraction then. Has anyone tried this yet? It seems like a good alternative to say NGINX proxy manager and am wondering if I should switch, but wanted to hear thoughts first!

Zoraxy's Github list the following features:


  • Simple to use interface with detail in-system instructions
  • Reverse Proxy (HTTP/2)
    • Virtual Directory
    • WebSocket Proxy (automatic, no set-up needed)
    • Basic Auth
    • Alias Hostnames
    • Custom Headers
  • Redirection Rules
  • TLS / SSL setup and deploy
    • ACME features like auto-renew to serve your sites in https
    • SNI support (one certificate contains multiple host names)
  • Blacklist / Whitelist by country or IP address (single IP, CIDR or wildcard for beginners)
  • Global Area Network Controller Web UI (ZeroTier not included)
  • TCP Tunneling / Proxy
  • Integrated Up-time Monitor
  • Web-SSH Terminal
  • Utilities
    • CIDR IP converters
    • mDNS Scanner
    • IP Scanner
  • Others
    • Basic single-admin management mode
    • External permission management system for easy system integration
    • SMTP config for password reset


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Looks interesting, thanks for sharing! Anyone have any experience with it or feedback they'd like to share?