[Promoting] Gluetun: The Little VPN Client That Could

submitted by WeirdGoesPro

My journey with docker started with a bunch of ill fated attempts to get an OpenVPN/qBittorrent container running. The thing ended up being broken and never worked right, and it put me off of VPN integration for another year or so.

Then recently I found Gluetun…and holy fucking cow. This thing is the answer to every VPN need I could possibly think of. I have set it up with 3 different providers now, and it has been more simple and reliable than the clients made by the VPN providers themselves every time.

If you combine the power of Gluetun with the power of Portainer, then you can even easily edit settings for your existing containers and hook them up to a VPN connection in seconds (or disconnect them). Just delete the forwarded ports in the original container, select the Gluetun container as the network connection, and then forward the same ports in Gluetun. Presto, you now have a perfectly functioning container connected to a VPN with a killswitch.

So if any of y’all on the high seas have considered getting more serious about your privacy, don’t do what I did and waste a bunch of time on a broken container. Use Gluetun. Love Gluetun. Gluetun is the answer.

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My deluge server been reliably running behind gluetun for almost a year and a half now. It’s pretty damn great indeed.


I'm glad you found success. I've heard a few good things about gluetun.

WeirdGoesPro [OP]

My mind was really blown when I saw how easy it was to set up. I can’t endorse it enough—it is one of the easiest containers I’ve worked with, and it is doing a relatively complex job flawlessly.


Ive been using gluetun with qbit for 3 years no without a worry, it would be awesome if they also added socks 5 proxy