Scientists warn Australians to prepare for megadroughts that last more than 20 years

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This is the best summary I could come up with:

New climate modelling suggests Australians should be preparing for the possibility of megadroughts lasting more than 20 years.

Research from the Australian National University, published in a special edition of the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, has indicated future droughts in Australia could be far worse than anything experienced in recent times — even without factoring in human impacts.

"We have this situation where on the one hand, there's the possibility for naturally occurring megadroughts that can last multiple decades and might come along every maybe 150 to 100 years," Dr Falster said.

She pointed to the recent Tinderbox Drought that occurred in south-east Australia, linked to the Black Summer bushfires, which lasted "only three years".

Dr Falster hoped the research would help farmers and the wider community be prepared for longer and more severe droughts.

Far west NSW grazier Richard Wilson has lived through many droughts on Yalda Downs Station, located 85 kilometres north of White Cliffs, but particularly remembers one from 2016 that lasted four years.

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