Koalawalla Woods

submitted by Konala Koala edited

Hi folks! After a number of months of pondering this and having a recent incident happen a few days ago where I couldn't find another koala community, I had decided to go ahead and make a koala community on Lemmy. Since I'm already getting a lot of people checking it out, it seems Lemmy may have been in a dire need for this kind of community.

The ideas are to provide a place for people to have discussions on koalas and bring awareness of them being endangered of going extinct if nothing is done to save them from their peril, and also to discuss and find solutions to fight back against deforestation of their native wilderness.

Check it out on !koalawallawoods@lemmy.world or https://lemmy.world/c/koalawallawoods.

Feel free to debate me and others on the topic. I just ask you to stay constructive, I’m only trying to help here.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

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Just subscribed, good luck!