‘Sexting’ with robots: How artificial intelligence will be able to ‘read’ our arousal

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While the Spike Jonze film Her (2013) explored a romance between a man and his virtual personal assistant, 10 years earlier, the movie Demolition Man looked at how technology could play a role in sexual relationships. In an iconic scene, a character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger has virtual sex with Sandra Bullock.

Was this article written by AI? Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't in Demolition Man, and 1993 was not ten years before 2013.

Neato , edited

AI is too sexed up to get basic dates right... /s


I *think* they meant that the movie Her was 10 years earlier? In any case, this was definitely generated to some degree lol


It was probably translated from the original French automatically.


that is a hilarious article. how does it confuse the terminator with rocky? and year the way the years are wrong is just crazy.


I'm having cleverbot flashback here and let me tell you they're weird. If you remember it was cleverbot which would start the whole deal. The internet did things to that chatbot alright.


ohh yeah

Theroux Sonfeir

Frankly, I’d rather fuck a robot nowadays.


Just get a friend with benefits.