Help us grow the bonsai instance!

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Please join us for some discussion on creating and keeping miniature trees at

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I'll join. Like many others. I've killed a handful already.

PlantDadManGuy [OP]

Sucking at something is the first step toward being kinda good at something


And some POS stole 2 junipers that I had out in my front hedges of my apartment. I'm now living at my GF'S house. Maybe I'll get new ones and hope there's not a tree thief in her neighborhood.

PlantDadManGuy [OP]

I believe in you amigo.


But it's gonna take ages


It's supposed to have a small footprint

PlantDadManGuy [OP]

It's about the journey 😁


Hi there! Looks like you linked to a Lemmy community using a URL instead of its name, which doesn't work well for people on different instances. Try fixing it like this: !

PlantDadManGuy [OP]



Thx for letting us know about it! Your pictures look very professional. I hope there will be some space for nooby discussions as well :)

PlantDadManGuy [OP]

For sure, it's pretty empty so feel free to start a thread


Unfortunately, it's probably never gonna grow to its full potential size. It might thrive in its current size though. Good luck.


Curious why start a new community rather than contribute to an existing one?