Sbc for print and scan server

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Hello, i have a printer and scanner connected to a rpi 3b+ so everyone (at home) can access them through wifi.

Now the scanner is a CanoScanLide 400, which is powered though USB. This didn't seem to be an issue with the raspberry, but recently i had to re-plug everything and now the scanner isn't turning on with the raspberry anymore.

Does anyone have a suggestion for something low cost that is similar in size and power consumption and can support a usb powered device?

(Ideally also with wifi 5ghz, since this is the last device connected to the 2.4ghz)

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If the scanner was working fine with the Pi before, I would suspect the USB cable or power supply. Try a different power supply and cables. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ can supply 1.2 amps from its USB ports which is sufficient for 2 bus powered devices. A powered USB hub can be used if you need to connect more bus powered devices to the Pi.

lemontree [OP]

You were right. It was the bloody usb cable powering the pi. I had switched that to a shorter one for less cable, but switching back it works again. Thank you


Out of curiosity, how did you solve that software wise? I was planning to do the same thing with my old MFP. Are you just using CUPS and SANE?

lemontree [OP] , edited

Using cups for the printer and a sane web ui (scanservjs) for the scanner


I'll look into that, thank you!


Probably also check the power settings in the config file: