Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv Claims Six Russian Jets Downed In Three Days

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So how many jets do they have left ?


Too many


It's weird how little the news covers Ukraine. I feel like I know very little about what's going on there, other than daily posts of [HTML_REMOVED] units of [HTML_REMOVED] destroyed.


There's very little changing day to day at this point in the war.

BombOmOm [OP]

Yep. The two forces are mostly grinding each other down., punctuated with small blips of smaller, high-value changes. Such as this post, Russia losing a pair of landing ships in the last three weeks, and Ukraine loosing Avdiivka this week.

Stovetop , edited

And I think we do tend to hear about changes when they occur. Western media was covering the fall of Avdiivka, and tangentially related, are currently all over the death of Navalny.


It’s also winter.


Winter is too strong word for what's going on here in Kyiv. Sinusoid between -2 and +12 every week :D


There are daily updates on many channels on YouTube if you want to keep up.


A lot!

Oh you mean airworthy? Huh ...


Not to be a downer but how credible are these numbers? Aircraft is particularly prone to overclaiming, which is why for example Russia claims they have destroyed more jets than Ukraine had to begin with.

BombOmOm [OP]

We have visual confirmation on two of the six. One with the tail floating in the water and another going down in a big fireball. That is a higher ratio of visual confirmation than you normally get with aircraft due to them being quite far away when shot, so make of that what you will.


That's pretty cool, guess we may be getting better data sooner or later. I'm assuming if they shot them down with patriot, there's logs for that which will be released at some point