Replace laptop fan with passive cooling

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I'm using old laptop as a home server.
But the cooling fan started to click a lot, and I'm afraid that it will stop spinning soon.
Any ideas for how to replace the fan with something else? Preferably something that does not require electricity?
I'm thinking about dismantling it, taking the fan out and soldering a big block of metal to the heatsink.
How bad of an idea is that?
Is anyone aware of any other ways of physically converting laptop into something that is more suitable for home server?
Know of any guides or videos about something related? Please post links.
Thank you

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First of all, there's a good chance, you can get a replacement fan. There are not that many different fans.

If that's not what you want, you can probably just replace the fan with a regular fan, you just need an adapter for the laptop's fan header.


Honestly, cost wise you should just buy a cheap refurbished desktop with similar specs.