Podcaster| Great opensource podcast app that I just found about.

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so why this over, say, AntennaPod?


AntennaPod is available on F-Droid (F-Droid ftw!). For Podcaster I cannot find a website or source code repository. Where is more information ?






How does this contrast with AntennaPod?


Apparently you won't be able to easily switch to Podcaster from another app like Antennapod, because OPML import is still not implemented. In other words, you'll have to add your subscriptions one by one.

That would be a hard no for me, as well as the fact that I'd have to manually mark up several years' listening history.

King [OP]

For me, what I like about this app is that it's minimal( under 3mb and has minimal frentend) modern podcast app written in kotlin.

I tried a lot of podcasts apps and this the only one that clicked with me, the only thing that I hate about this app is the search.


Wow, this app is awful. I can't even subscribe to This American Life without it crashing. If you think this is good try Podcast Republic. It works much better.

King [OP] , edited

Also Podcast republic is closed source app, if you don't like this app then at least use pocket cast as it's opensource under MPL-2.0 license.


I don't care if it's closed source. I used to use Pocket Casts until they crapped the bed with the 7.0 redesign and app changes. https://www.reddit.com/r/pocketcasts/comments/ay3tkl/can_we_get_an_explanation_from_the_pocket_casts/

King [OP] , edited

I can't relate to your experiance as it's my main podcasts app now.

Do you happen to use android 14?

I am asking because in my experiance a lot of apps crash for no reason on android 14.


Yes, I am using Android 14. However the app should not crash on the basic use case of adding a podcast feed. I generally don't have many issues with apps crashing on Android 14.