btop++ v1.3.2 Released - GPU support for AMD ROCm v6

btop++ v1.3.2 Released - GPU support for AMD ROCm v6

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In case you guys missed it - btop++ has had for GPU monitoring for a while now. However, it didn't work with AMD ROCm v6.0 until a few hours ago (v1.3.2)!

To get GPU monitoring to work, you'll need to compile btop with GPU support, or used a distro-provided package compiled with GPU support. Arch users for instance can use the btop-gpu-git package for this.

The other catch is that right now the monitoring options are pretty basic, so if you're really interested in proper GPU monitoring, you might want to stick with nvtop. But hopefully that changes in the near future now that btop has basic GPU support!

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I've started using btop to kill processes instead of the ps, grep, kill incantation.


I only use pkill.


Ah, very nice. I didn't even know it supported GPU info...I always just grabbed the musl file.


I didn't even know this exists, I'm quite impressed by the mouse support too