the Gen Alpha moral panic: education under capitalism

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Alice Cappelle generally tackles social issues, and here she shares the idea that school under capitalism is seen as transactional, and therefore this results in teachers being disrespected, which stymies education.

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Avatar maegul

Great video ... thanks!!

Two quick thoughts: * It's been transactional for a while, and in fact I'd say that those who got the most out of the education system tended to be aware and mindful of this in some way or another. One way, pertinent to the video, is class: people with parents/family that are themselves well educated and "successful" and even a part of the schooling system/faculty, IME, always seemed to have an eye on "the game" to the point where I can only presume that the values of succeeding at the transactional "game" were always being enforced. * And, speaking of "the game", Alice treats education as transactional in the sense that "education" itself is one of the goods being exchanged. I'd say that the transaction involves a lot more of the "formal goods" of "the game", ie grades and certificates. The focus on assessment, which is likely worthy of its own discussion related to the video's, leads to the educator's offer is not of "education" or even learning/information, but whatever it takes to get the grades and certificates/degrees, which often involves a lot of gaming the assessment. All of which surely leads to an even more cynical and transactional perspective on what the education system is providing.

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