China’s Carbon Emissions Are Set to Decline Years Earlier Than Expected | Rollout of 300GW of new wind and solar power last year was for the first time enough to cover its new electricity demand

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Yardy Sardley

This is great, now the curmudgeons of other countries can stop using "what about China" as an excuse for their backwards climate attitudes.

Avatar föderal umdrehen

But what about India?


but will they? absolutely not.

For some groups of people, facts don't matter and people just use it because of their prejudice. They'll simply call it "fake news"


The amount of salt in wsj comment section is amazing


Good. With China being the biggest source of co2 emissions in the world, at 28% of global emissions as of 2020, this means that the faster they get their shit together, the longer we have before the doomsday clock ticks midnight.

Avatar MrMakabar

Here we go. Chinas economy is slowing down and it is finally happening. That hopefully means we have had peak emissions globally.


I've been saying for a while that China will quickly decarbonize. The Chinese government doesn't think in a 4. They also don't need to listen to the citizens fight back about environmental laws as the citizens can't. It's also worth noting that when disasters keep striking its time to change the Emporer so saving the climate is saving themselves.

ArmoredThirteen , edited

think in a 4

What does this mean?


Probably missing "...year cycle"


IIRC, the Mandarin for "four" sounds similar to "death", so it is considered unlucky/inauspicious. I think OP was subtly suggesting that the CCP would rather do something to avoid the consequences of climate change than not. Those consequences including social upheaval, resulting in an unhappy populace, resulting in their possible removal from power.


China being the way it is makes me doubtful. I wouldn't hold my breath but if or when it happens or works it'll be a good start.

The wording I noticed is that the headline says 'new electricity demand' which may or may not be meaningful to offset enough waste. So at the end of the day, we'll see.