French security experts identify Moscow-based disinformation network

French security experts identify Moscow-based disinformation network

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French military and cybersecurity experts say they have identified a Moscow-based network spreading propaganda and disinformation in western Europe.

France’s Viginum agency, which was set up in 2021 to detect digital interference from foreign entities aimed at influencing public opinion, says Russia is paving the way for a new wave of online manipulation in the run-up to the European elections and other crucial votes this year.

The agency says the online network, which it has named “Portal Kombat”, includes at least 193 sites disseminating pro-Russian propaganda defending the Russian invasion of Ukraine and criticising the government in Kyiv. Much of the disinformation directed through social media sites and messaging apps is targeting those propagating conspiracy theories, it said.


Edit: Here's a link to Viginum's full report (pdf) on the disinformation network. (thx @DolphinMath!)

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Avatar OpenStars

Good work tracking them down though!


Can we take a moment to at least appreciate the name "Portal Kombat"

DolphinMath , edited


Since 2023: the "pravda" ecosystem Websites targeting the main western countries supporting Ukraine

The first ecosystem of websites identified by VIGINUM targets several western countries that have publicly expressed their support for Ukraine following Russia's invasion:

• pravda-fr[.]com: France;

• pravda-de[.]com: Germany, Austria and Switzerland;

• pravda-pl[.]com: Poland;

• pravda-es[.]com: Spain;

• pravda-en[.]com: United Kingdom and the United States.

Note: These appear to mimic the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper and its sister sites.


The problem is that no one on their right mind is surprised while the ones swallowing all the disinformation because they "do their own research" will not be convinced by this fake news propaganda made by the establishment to hide the truth...


One has to wonder how good the world could be if Putin wasn't around to direct things for so long taking pleasure in fucking everything over.