Apple Cash will offer virtual card numbers for online shopping

Apple Cash will offer virtual card numbers for online shopping

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Avatar sramder

You can get this from but in my experience they never work with sites you really want them to, credit card processors have a list of their prefixes or something. Hopefully Apple can pull it off.

dmtalon , edited

Capital one (CC) has eno, which is virtual cards. I create a new one for every website... Works good. Every now and then someone will change how they charge (name) and break the virtual card. I've got well over 100 virtual cards.

Avatar Overzeetop

I actually keep very few virtual cards. I usually use them and then delete them; unless it's a recurring charge, or a frequent online use, I figure there's no reason to let them hang out since you can just make a new one if you need it.

dmtalon , edited

I should probably do a walk through and wipe out ones I'm not going to reuse. But I'd say most of them will likely be used again. I will say that when I had a charge I couldn't figure out what it was the person at Capitol One said a LOT of people deactivate the virtual cards unless they plan to use them lowering the chance of a charge.

Avatar Overzeetop

TBF, I got a finger wagged at me when I missed a recurring-fee cancellation date and I had only locked the card instead of deleting it. It notified the fraud department and they (claimed in the email notifying me that they) locked my entire card out and had to call them to remove the lock. They then went through the "you should remember to cancel" speech and recommended deleting the number instead of locking it. C1's customer service is, generally, trash compared to Amex and Chase so I shouldn't be surprised that they're a bit overzealous in how to handle a locked card. Still, it's a worthwhile feature.

Avatar Ghostalmedia [OP]

A lot of retailers don’t like prepaid credit cards because they’re an easy tool for fraud / money laundering. I wonder if Apple is going to be able to tighten things up so they can have this treated like the prepaid debit cards many states use for unemployment insurance.


Yeah, I wonder if Apple can do better, especially with their market power.


Privacy dot com sells data

Avatar sramder

Thanks for the heads up.


Mysudo also offers this service. I'm looking currently looking at them to get phone numbers for banking and such.

Avatar shinratdr is also US only.

So is Apple Cash, but I have more hopes of Apple expanding that to other parts of the world, as their US-only services don’t usually stay that way for too long.

Avatar narc0tic_bird

Considering Apple Card has been US exclusive for many years now, I wouldn't get my hopes up for Apple Cash.

Avatar shinratdr

You need to have a partnership with a bank to run Apple Card in another region, it’s not a simple thing to expand. However Apple Pay was US exclusive for a long time and it still expanded. I think it’s possible, I just think the fact that Goldman pulled out in the US has delayed their expansion plans.

Avatar narc0tic_bird

Apple Pay by itself is basically a "proxy" to your existing credit card. With Apple Cash, where do you think your funds are "stored"? You'll need to partner with a bank as well (similar to how PayPal is also a bank).

Avatar shinratdr

Oh yeah I know, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. More clearly:

  1. Apple Card is slow to expand because of the requirement to have a bank partner in the region you want to expand to, and Goldman pulling out of the Apple Card partnership has probably delayed the expansion plans because stabilizing the US operations are probably the priority.

  2. Apple Pay didn’t expand for years because they were stabilizing relationships in the US and convincing partner networks to give them their cut, which eventually they did.

  3. I suspect once operations are stable, they will start to expand Apple Card and Apple Pay Cash.

Expanding Apple Pay Cash is way easier though, because it’s stored value. That’s business that everyone wants to be in. They’re just holding your cash and earning interest on it. Apple Card is more complicated because there is debt and risk.

The incentive to expand to Canada specifically is low as well because “cash apps” like CashApp, Venmo, etc have no presence here because we have a robust, fast and free Interac e-transfer system which is so embedded, people paying $1 to send money isn’t much of a market.

I still think we’ll see it eventually, but yeah I’m not holding my breath.

Avatar sramder

You’re not missing out. I tried it with AliExpress, and a few others large online retailers with no luck. It worked with Backblaze, but I just sort of gave up after that… it’s not really something useful if it’s not accepted by most.

Avatar Ghostalmedia [OP]

Pretty cool, I’ve always wanted to be able to use Apple Cash like a refillable debit card.


Apple consistently doubling down on consumer privacy is their BEST trait

Avatar nocturne

I remember when PayPal (I had bank too) did this. You could set an amount and only that would be authorized. You could also set a number of uses and after that the card number was no longer valid.


Actual good feature from apple.

Avatar Deemo

Will they need social security number (ssn) to set this up? used to offer a similar feature but then a while ago started requiring ssn due to new banking regulation.

If apple doesn't require it I wonder how they where able to sidestep the supposed regulation.


My Capital One card has had this feature for a long time.


Still waiting Apple... 🇨🇦


No offense but I'm new to browsing /r/all here for a second, I thought this was an ad 😭

Avatar Ghostalmedia [OP]

lol. Yeah, that thumbnail scraped from Engadget looks like something one of the bloggers just yanked from a marketing email.