Nobody wants to hire this monstrosity…

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Nobody wants to hire this monstrosity

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Avatar rem26_art

a pfp like that would totally stand out in a crowd of generic LinkedIn pfps.

Avatar Cylusthevirus

I had someone apply who'd never changed their alias in gmail from some edgy gamer shit to their actual name. Got a laugh out of it, told them to fix it so they didn't screw themselves over later on.


My buddy (the hiring manager) recently had an application come across his desk, which was sent from an e-mail address with a fur suit as the profile pic. We both got a good laugh out of that one, and told her she may want to consider changing it before submitting future applications.

For what it’s worth, we didn’t exclude her from the interview because of it. We just got a good laugh and moved on.


This is a boon, as long as you do not comment it. If you say one single word about your pfp, you immediately become the "oh, look how totally crazy I am" pretender and are out. If you just do it in a "so what?" Way, you're good


Where can I get a high rez version of that pic?