Russian forces now using Musk’s Starlink on Ukraine front line

Russian forces now using Musk’s Starlink on Ukraine front line

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Avatar Flying Squid

But helping Ukraine with Starlink would start WWIII, right Elon?


A biography of Musk by Walter Isaacson published last autumn detailed how the tycoon refused to allow Starlink to be used by Ukrainian forces for a naval drone strike on Russian ships in Sevastopol.

Like I already disliked the guy, but seriously fuck this guy.


You know, there is other web browser that IE5.


I would love to see Biden nationalize Starlink.

Avatar midnight

Realistically, that would mean nationalizing all of SpaceX. (Which I would support, although that's definitely not going to happen)

Avatar Troy

Probably this is captured equipment within the geofenced operational zone. Likely the geofence isn't responsive enough to changes in the frontline position (being more responsive might actually breech opsec). And likely Ukranians are having trouble with inventory control on their Starlink dishes -- knowing which ones are captured or not. Very likely the media is making this a bigger story than it ought to be, from a technical and logistical perspective. Practically speaking, this is like connecting to the enemy's civilian cell network while within range.


Or it's equipment obtained via a third party (the same way the scape sanctions)....

Avatar KairuByte

Starlink isn’t geofenced. They expect you to stay in one-ish area, unless you pay them more I believe, but IIRC they don’t actually shut down if you move them around.


“In Soviet Russia, star links YOU”