"How much money?"


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"How much money?"

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“So, a group called The Satanic Temple successfully sued to be allowed to distribute coloring books in elementary schools. Sorry about that whole piling rocks on you until you died thing. We were still figuring this liberty and freedom stuff out.”

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Fact that we can actually affect those in prison don't is the real issue here.


Care to parse that word salad? Can affect and don't? I'm confused.


I'm noticing a trend on the internet lately of not proof reading your comments and having missing words all over. I feel like I'm having a stroke multiple times a day with these. It's not hard to re-read your comment and make sure it's not missing words...


It's a mixture of relying on auto-correct to fix messages and the weird idea that grammatical correctness is elitist, and thus ignoring it is liberal and moral.


If I'm posting something online, I proofread it at least once. Only to later discover it still has 25 mistakes I missed.

~~Outside of like Discord if I'm trying to send something quickly or meme~~

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I think they meant to put "but" in between "prison" and "don't"


A good friend of mine spent two years in jail because he had weed on him one night. It was ridiculous.


So was he like poor or something? Cuz that's the crazy shit I'd expect to hear from Iran or Malaysia.


He never owned a business, so what do the police care?


The police just arrest, the lawyers and judges are who lock people up.

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Did you have a point?


Fun fact, only 19 people were killed during the Salem Witch Trials, five of whom were men.

In comparison, witch trials in Europe between 1560 and 1670 resulted in over 40.000 deaths.