Taliban Shuts Down 'queer.af' Domain, Breaking Mastodon Instance

Taliban Shuts Down 'queer.af' Domain, Breaking Mastodon Instance

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Do not use 2 letter country TLDs!

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That's some perfect irony. A queer instance using the Afghanistan domain.


And this was probably inevitable.


I have nothing to add other than that's an amazing instance name lol

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I'm honestly surprised how long it took. As soon as I saw the server's domain I thought, "that's not going to go over well in Afghanistan." I didn't realize that the Taliban just hadn't gotten around to reviewing their TLD yet.

Avatar EdibleFriend

Yeah but now it's owned by the Taliban meaning the queer is coming from inside the house.



Always has been. Bacha bazi is still common in Afghanistan.

Avatar HarkMahlberg

The irony of this being crossposted from ML.

Avatar thejevans [OP]

Oh I'm fully aware haha, and the article is on a CO site. At the time I made my account, lemmy.ml seemed to be the best option, even with the poor TLD choice.

Avatar HarkMahlberg

Oh I'm not giving you grief, I just think it's funny.

the article is on a CO site




Avatar lazynooblet

What's wrong with 2 letter country TLDs?

.uk .de .us .nl etc all seem like okay candidates

Avatar thejevans [OP]

The problem is who controls them. The government of each country can decide at any moment that they want to take control of their TLD and remove any sites that they don't like. It's just not good practice if you want your site to stick around.

Avatar lazynooblet

Right. So how do you differentiate between the 2-letters ones and 3+? Each TLD can have domains requisitiioned by a government, even if its indirect through ICANN.

Avatar thejevans [OP]

ICANN is certainly not perfect, but there is a difference between the automatic control that countries have over their ccTLD and the control they have through ICANN.

Avatar lazynooblet

The US regularly seize domains, even those with foreign registrars. I don't feel that any tld is immune from this. Sure there are some TLDs more at risk than others, like .af being in control of the Taliban, but I'd also say US controlled TLDs are not the least at risk.

Some interesting articles about this




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They used .af because in modern english, "af" stands for "as fuck"

As in "queer. As fuck", meaning VERY queer