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As a dude with long hair, that n-in-one stuff is GARBAGE. Shampoo, being soap, removes hair grease. Conditioner on the other hand is just domesticated hair grease, meant to protect it from the real thing.

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I've always washed my hair every day for the majority of my life. At several points in my life I wondered why other people's hair seemed glossier and nicer than mine, but they were usually rich people, so I'd buy more expensive shampoo. I didn't learn until about 6 months ago that you're not supposed to wash your hair every day. Not washing it every day has made a big difference in how my hair looks now.

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I think I wash my hair with any product once or twice a year, and only if I’ve had something in it (lice warning at kids school, sprayed with mud from a hike or similar) and then literally use a drop of shampoo. The less I wash it the better it looks.

Hair products are a lie. Water and a scrub is way better.

My hair is short. No idea if the same applies to long hair. I suspect it does.


Jusy gave greasy hair and u never need conditioner

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you joke but that's basically true, at least for some people.

I stopped using shampoo outside of special occasions and after like a month of my scalp vomiting grease it realized i wasn't constantly removing it and calmed down. Now my hair just constantly looks like i shampooed it a day ago, and it takes only the tiniest amount of shampoo to be effective.

I recommend just trying ramping down your shampoo usage gradually to nothing, and waiting as long as you can tolerate to see if your scalp stops overcompensating, and then only using as much shampoo as is actually needed for you to be satisfied.

Not only is it way nicer, it's gonna save you a bunch of money too.


Wait so I don't need conditioner?


You'd be better off without the shampoo, provided you use the right kind of conditioner (without silicone, waxes, etc). Look into co-washing and the Curly Girl method. Ignore the "girl" part, hair is hair. For several years, my hair has felt so much better and doesn't look flat.


So only conditioner?


Yep, only conditioner. But you should start with a very simple clarifying shampoo first that will remove silicones and waxes and be very thorough. If you don't do this, any buildup from past conditioners won't ever get removed. And then use a conditioner that is free of everything else. Personally I use GIOVANNI Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Conditioner. I can buy it by the 128oz jug and last me like 3 years.


And here lies the truth and the lie of guys with great hair. They basically wash their hair with tons of shampoo so it's effectively super clean, no grease or anything else. But the scalp is literally addicted to shampoo and can't go a day without getting super gross.


Works well enough for those of us without long hair


What do u expect? It literally says for dry and damaged on the bottle. Should've taken the one for shiny and healthy


Damn u right. I've been doing it wrong this whole time!!


This reminds me, when I was in college, renting a house with 3 other guys. Once a month we had to chip in for dish soap. Which didn't mean pulling our money together. It meant that everybody put a little of their shampoo and shower gel into the bottle on the kitchen sink.


I really hope you don't do this anymore. Most shampoo/ body wash is made with chemicals that aren't food safe.

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Maybe if it's extra unsafe for the food, it'll get scared and leave on its own.


Explains the fridge always being empty. =\


I rinse them afterwords so it's all good.

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I think the reverse would have been better, as long as you didn't use too much or leave it on your scalp for too long.

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Gif is broken, but my mom was a pet groomer for 25 years, and Mane and tail is still our go to. Shit is amazing.


Yeah, I was fumbling with the markdown for a hot minute.

I first found it on the bottom shelf of a CVS shampoo aisle.

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Stuff is fantastic. I've never felt like I had such a luxurious mane before. ... The constant cravings for sugar cubes have become problematic, but that may just be from being raised in the south. Lol


Sounds like someone wants an apple.

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*whinnies, nickers*

I've been a very good boy!


I daren’t show this to my wife. But the amount of products that get sold and actually fucks up skin and hair baffles me.


it's trial and error, not all products are for you. For one person a brand of shampoo might turn their hair into that akin of angel hair, for you, it mighy make it look like dry straw

The human body has *a lot* of variables that affect which things work and which don't


God, I wish this was me. I have skin issues, so I had to switch to the expensive women's shampoo, conditioner, face wash & moisturizer. I still have mild dandruff and dry skin like 5 days a week, but at least I literally do not leave patches of skin flakes everywhere I walk.


Try Mane & Tail shampoo. Pretty amazing stuff.

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have you tried just like, *not* using anything? not saying it'll work but i figure it's always worth trying to see if the product is actually the cause of the issue


Using shampoo less is part of my routine (every 4th day or so), but I do have to wash my hair sometimes, and outside that window it gets really gross really fast.

As for my face, the dead skin and oil buildup is a big yikes even at once a day. Granted, more gentle cleanser might help, but I don't know of one that still does the job.

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yeah at least in my experience you kinda have to just not use shampoo for a *month* before the scalp realizes and stops pumping out grease, after that period the need for shampoo is basically nil

as for the "less" bit, i more meant using a smaller amount every time, in my experience just a little goes a long way and i think the thing that causes the scalp to overreact with all the grease is that you periodically nuke all the oils completely, if you leave at least a little oil the scalp will probably calm down.

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There is this horse shampoo that somehow got popular and used by girls instead.


Almost like we both have hair.

But also if you know horse people - I would imagine it's higher quality. Horse people are crazy. They spare no expense.


Yea, those x in 1 shampoos really mess my hair up tbh

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Dr. Bronners. Strong enough for a diesel engine, but made for a man.

(No joke, that soap says it can be used for just about anything)

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That soap says a lot of things.


I have not used it for shampoo yet. I might try


I'm sure it works for someone, but for long, straight, fine hair, it leaves a film that makes it all stick together and is impossible to run a brush through, while also being extremely dry. Also makes horrible toothpaste and sucks for washing dishes. The bottle is a lie. Pretty much just good for armpits and privates IMO. The peppermint tingles...


Okay, this is entirely not true. I mean, I get it as a meme, but I have to say that while there’s a lot of variability between people, both men and women, as to things like fullness and texture of hair, smoothness and texture of skin, and so on, the 6 in 1 kinds of people tend to be the same kinds of people that were posted in the (seen here).

Seriously, watch a couple of seasons of Queer Eye and you will get it. Probably in multiple senses of the term.


It's definitely not true for the 23 in 1 products but as a man who used to have long hair I used just shampoo, no conditioner and I got compliments and questions about why my hair is so nice. It's probably more of an accidental "less is more" scenario for hair care. And as I say that the people I've seen with the absolute best hair have all been women.


While it’s probably true you were gifted with naturally fabulous hair, doing hair and skin care that complements and enhances it is like Taylor Swift putting on makeup. She’s absolutely stunning without it, but when she’s professionally made up she (or just about anyone else) automatically levels up.

You should rock what’s working for you, but I wouldn’t advise against treating yourself to some salon care and getting advice if you want something different.

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I wouldn’t advise against treating yourself to some salon care and getting advice if you want something different.

Literally every single person in a Salon in every Salon everywhere has different advice. Almost all of it is all Hoodoo Voodoo Astrology.


Counterpoint: My stylist to whom I pay about $150 per cut and tells me to just keep doing what I’m doing

Also: Jonathan Van Ness


On a similar note: As a beard-haver, I haven’t washed my face in anything except Head and Shoulders in 15 years


Same here, though I would be lying if I said I wasn't at all concerned about what might be going on under there.

Solution: never find out.


And as a bald guy I haven't washed my head in anything except Irish spring in 17 years!


NGL this was the thr best Ad ever in full movie lengh, i never used anything else than head and shoulders since then.


Love that movie

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You should brush it with a boar brush, or other similar tough bristle brush. It clears out all the dead skin but most importantly it feels incredible if you haven't done it in awhile.

Like you are scratching that mosquito bite between your shoulder blades you haven't been able to reach in days.


Also beard oil and a comb does wonders to keep things feeling nice under there. My beard used to be painful to brush because the skin underneath was so dry and irritated. Once I started applying a bit of beard oil after the shower though, it was instantly more comfortable.

Also it's really easy to make your own beard oil, and it's way cheaper than individually buying the fancy little 1oz glass bottles. Just get a couple carrier oils (I use a touch of castor oil for thickness/texture, and then about half and half sweet almond oil and fractionated coconut oil), mix them together, and apply to the beard. You can even add a few drops of essential oil to add scent if you like.

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*cries with split ends*


Use coconut shampoo! Works all the time, not sixty percent of the time.

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Why would you shampoo a coconut?


Because they come from Florida


The bottom right is the carpet


Easy, just gotta follow rules 1 and 2.


Say what you want my mom used to wash my hair with dish soap when I was a kid, and I had some really good hair.

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I went no poo and love it! I shampoo maybe once a month. Takes a while to get to used to but it's worth it


Definitely not putting baking soda and vinegar in my hair

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I just do water and scrub really good with my fingers and like I said I shampoo every few weeks whenit does get greasy due to hormones/the weather. my hair is not quite shoulder length so not too long which probably helps