AMD Quietly Funded A Drop-In CUDA Implementation Built On ROCm: It's Now Open-Source

AMD Quietly Funded A Drop-In CUDA Implementation Built On ROCm: It's Now Open-Source

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This is the sort of thing that to me highlights the inherent inefficiency of proprietary software and processes.

"Oh sorry, you'll need our magic hardware in order to run this software. It simply can't happen any other way."

Turns out that wasnt true which of course it isn't.

Imagine instead of everyone could have been working together on a fully open graphics compute stack. Sure, optimize it for the hardware you sell, why not, but then it's up to the "best" product instead of the one with the magic software juice.


but then it’s up to the “best” product

that's the part why it didn't happen


After two years of development and some deliberation, AMD decided that there is no business case for running CUDA applications on AMD GPUs. One of the terms of my contract with AMD was that if AMD did not find it fit for further development, I could release it. Which brings us to today.



So AMD already gave up on this, and if they hadn’t they’d have kept it proprietary?

Avatar haui

Cue the nvidia shills that find some reason still why amd is not objectively better.

Avatar Troy

Not a shill. Don't like Nvidia. But, this drop-in replacement is more like a framework for a future fully compatible drop-in replacement than a fully functional one. It's like wine from two decades ago to windows -- you might get a few things to work...

Avatar Ludrol

There still is no support for ROCm on linux but this is still good to hear


what do you mean? rocm does support linux and so does zluda.

Avatar Ludrol

Yes on four consumer grade cards

If I want to have mid-range GPU with compute on linux my only option is nvidia.


Officially, sure, these are the only supported cards. In practice, it works with most AMD cards.

Avatar mayooooo

A serious question - when will nvidia stop selling their products and start asking for rent? Like 50 bucks a month is a 4070, your hardware can be a 4090 but thats a 100 a month. I give it a year

Avatar poVoq

It's more efficient to rent the same GPU to multiple people the same time, and Nvidia is already doing that with GeforceNow.


whenever the infrastructure is good enough they can keep the hardware and stream your workload to you.

Avatar Ludrol

When the AI and data center hardware will stop being profitable.