Lemmy Federate - automatically federate Lemmy communities

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I would like to introduce you to the tool I have developed in last 2 days.

As you know, when you create a new community on Lemmy, it is initially only available to your instance until users in other instances follows too. To fix this, this tool automatically follows the community from remote instances.

I have previously published a similar but simpler version at boost.lemy.lol and now I remade it because I didn't like some of its features. This time, instance admins will be able to strictly choose which instances they will allow or not. I'm open to your suggestions about different settings.

Please ask your instance admin to add their instance to this tool. To add it as an admin, all you have to do is log in and activate it from the settings.


Here's some tasks I'll implement in the future: https://github.com/ismailkarsli/lemmy-federate/issues

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Seems like a neat tool. Does it run the risk of putting unnecessary load on small instances?

Or do both instances need to opt in?

iso [OP]

90% of Lemmy's storage/bandwidth load comes from the top 100 communities. So communities with lil activity probably wouldn't create much of a burden.

And yes, both instances must register on the site and choose which instances they allow. Either allowing instances explicitly or with some filters.


Cool, thanks for the clarification!


Thank you so much for this great project.


Great to see continued development on this. Thank you.


Looks interesting. Would kbin support be added at some point?

iso [OP]

Maybe. I need to check Kbin API docs.

eatham 🇭🇲

Cool project. @lodion@aussie.zone you should enable this for aussie.zone


So if I create a spam community on lemmy.world and lots of other instances have opted to trust lemmy.world, they automatically subscribe to my spam community and then get sent my spam?

iso [OP]

Yes. But you can still do that, there are so many unmoderated communities anyway.