Russian forces now using Musk’s Starlink on Ukraine front line

Russian forces now using Musk’s Starlink on Ukraine front line

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  • Russian forces in Ukraine are reportedly using Starlink terminals for internet connectivity.
  • The Ukrainian military claims that the use of Starlink by Russian troops is becoming "systemic".
  • SpaceX, the owner of Starlink, denies selling equipment to the Russian government or military.

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Avatar 🚫🍌 no banana

But I thought Elon Musk said that starlink wasn't used by Russia "as far as he knows"?


No, he said that he doesn't sell starlink terminals in Russia. When asked whether Russia *uses* starlink he declined to answer.

Avatar AllNewTypeFace

Musk is the Henry Ford of our time. Helping his pal, the enemy, as far as possible within the bounds of treason laws.


"I may have committed some light treason."


Maybe Elon needs to go to prison for eggregiously violating sanctions. Is that a thing? Can someone get prison time for such a crime?

Avatar Dem Bosain

lol, not the rich. If only there were some legal mechanism to freeze his accounts...


Good thinking. We freeze the accounts of other Russian oligarchs. Why not this one?


Basically, the US is being held hostage on numerous fronts by Musk. The man influences s so much of American life in including infrastructure as well as critical technology in aerospace, that pissing him off risks massive geopolitical losses for America.


Nationalize his business and sanction all his assets for aiding and abetting the enemy and working as a foreign agent against the US and our allies. Lock him up or deport his ass to Russia.


Deport him to Russia's new Conservative Camp.. err.. i mean Village


the second he moves to russia he falls out a window. I support this plan.


An egregious federal crime that could relieve him of those powers might be useful in this case.


Not stamping him down would pose the bigger risk long term then.


No rich person has thought of the long term in a while.


Lmao now the US is actually funding a tool Putin is using against the US.

Trump isn't even elected yet either.

Avatar Spitzspot

Take away his government contracts, claw back the funds and prosecute him.


Even better, nationalize it. We don’t have to let Musk keep control of it at all.


I don't think y'all want to take over that shit show of a company.

It's an unsustainable model

Avatar TacoThrash3r , edited

Nothing like war profiteering

Avatar RubberDuck

But Starlink is not on in the contested areas is it? At least in Crimea.. or did they turn it on now?


Weren't they also doing this last year? How is this news? Attention everyone, this guy invented a wheel and you can move things easily with it!


Time to privatize!

Avatar RubberDuck

De-privatize.. it is currently a privately owned company. It has reached a point where it could be chopped up, some of it goes to MilSatCom the rest to NASA.


Derp, thanks.


Nationalize, maybe