Thousands of minority Serbs protest Kosovo's decision to abolish the Serbian dinar

Thousands of minority Serbs protest Kosovo's decision to abolish the Serbian dinar

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SamsonSeinfelder , edited

Worth mentioning that Serbia (and serbs in kosovo) are one of the two states activly
under massive russian influence. If you think this demonstrators are a naturally grown movement without instigation by the russian propaganada, you are either Serbian or I have a bridge to sell you.

Avatar idegenszavak

This map is outdated, since latest election slovakia is also russian friendly/influenced:

Avatar NoLifeKing

And the ones that could literally be classified as terrorists...

Avatar tryptaminev

While Serbia is definetly under russian influence. Why do you think that people wouldn't demonstrate against loosing "their" currency?

Just claiming that any protests by Serbs has to be the result of russian instigation seems as silly as Russia claiming the Maidan protests in Ukraine were instigated by the West.

You need to provide some specific information, before making such a claim

Avatar woelkchen

Serbian Dinar is only valid in Serbia. How surprising.

Avatar NoLifeKing , edited

There is a great way to solve the problem!

But i would probably get banned for suggesting it...

There is an awnser i cant see, probably Nobsi or one of his sock puppets. Get lost.

And no its not genocide or anything like that, just to clarify.

Avatar Nobsi

If you have opinions that can get you banned on lemmy, then you seriously need to overthink if your brain works.


Oh look, it's that cookie weirdo. *Again*.

Avatar Nobsi

Did you mean to respond to me?


Yes. Although it also would have fit under the parent comment. I just think that user is our old "friend", the weirdo with the cookie names.

Avatar Nobsi

He's pretty paranoid about me and my "sockpuppets" and posts wildly inappropriate things. i guess you're right.