Estonian PM: Russia provoked by weakness, not strength

Estonian PM: Russia provoked by weakness, not strength

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"It is a mistake to believe that the war can be won quickly. Russia is preparing for a long period of war. The war will continue until Russia realizes that it cannot win," Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas says.

"We are stronger, but we must help Ukraine defend itself and give it what it needs. ... Russia wants us to believe that Ukraine cannot win, so that we stop supporting it," she said.

One "trap" that Kallas urged allies to avoid is the belief that negotiations with Russia will lead to a lasting peace. Another is fear that defending Ukraine will only provoke Moscow further and lead to escalating conflict.

"The opposite is true," Kallas said. "It is weakness, not strength, that provokes Russia."

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Damn straight.
This woman knows what she is talking about.

Avatar Jeena

Sadly this is true, even for China.