Why are EU travel firms offering holidays to the Uyghur region? - The travel industry needs to wake up and end its cooperation with genocidaires - (Opinion)

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From record numbers of visitors to Xinjiang's regional capital in 2023 to Wang Wenbin's exhortations for "more friends from all countries to visit Xinjiang," Chinese state media cannot get enough of tourism.

The problem is that crimes against humanity targeted at Uyghurs and other Turkic people are ongoing. Another problem is that international travel companies, including those from Europe, are complicit in the cleansing of atrocities that multiple entities have labeled a genocide.

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But if countries committing atrocities are off the table won't that severely limit the possible destinations for people to enjoy? Won't somebody think of the poor holidaymakers? /s


Why are EU travel firms offering holidays to the Uyghur region?

Probably beause people ask for them.


My problem is that I find it difficult if not impossible to tell Chinese actions from Western propaganda about alleged Chinese actions from Chinese propaganda.

I am open to criticize Chinese human rights violations. I am just not sure what these violations are and where the accusations come from and if they are plausible.

Is there a movement of independence in Xinjiang. Like there are such movements in Spain (Catalonia), France (Corsica), UK (Scotland) or Turkey (Kurdistan)

Up to now I have seen the UK being unique in granting the people a choice. At least once. All the others criminalized those movements.

If there’s a genocide happening in China why isn’t there any of the accusers like USA to bring the case forward to the ICJ? Like South Africa did with Israel.

The whole West ignores the first decision in that case defending Israel with lies. Why should I believe them talking about China.

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Is there a movement of independence in Xinjiang.

In China you are handed long prison sentences or even the death penalty for criticising the government or taking photos in the public space. A 'movement of independence' would not exist for long.


You don't explain anything at all, let alone back it up with reputable sources.

Just some statements that could come out of the mouth of any American or German spokesperson during a ZDF interview.

And that's exactly what I meant; With my assessment I don't want to fall for any propaganda lies from an "ally" who just sees his hegemonic position at risk.