A "Healthy Amount of Cheese" is always an Unhealthy Amount of Cheese.

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I heard someone say this in a video recipe, followed by way more cheese than you should eat at once. It occurred to me that the phrase means ample, not nutritious.

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Did the person happen to have a southern accent?

As someone from the south, that’s what “healthy” means when used to describe an amount of something. It means “a lot”.

Also, if you say someone looks healthy you’re basically calling them fat, depending on tone of voice and inflection.


South? Like Australia?

But yeah "a healthy amount" in UK English too means"a large amount of"



Sorry, I meant south like Mississippi.


Similar to "generous" or "liberal"

Avatar Carighan Maconar

Yeah what I was going to say, too. "Healthy" in the context of an amount usually means "be quite generous".


Cheese is pretty healthy. It will actually make you feel full unlike processed junk food which bypasses the full feeling completely so you consume more.


Corn syrup is evil

themeatbridge [OP]

Processed cheese may or may not be worse, depending on the processing and depending on the cheese you compare it to. There are thousands of kinds of cheese.

And even the healthiest cheese can still be eaten in excess. That was my point, not that cheese is unhealthy, but adding "a healthy amount" is phrase that really means more than one person should eat.


Thats true. American cheese is just water(chemicals) down cheddar.

AngryCommieKender , edited

Sodium citrate. If you want the best cheese sauce you'll ever have that doesn't break, use whatever cheese you want for the sauce, and add a teaspoon of sodium citrate. You can refrigerate that cheese sauce and it won't break.


What's the ratio of cheese to sodium citrate?

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6 cups or a pound and a half of cheese, shredded, half cup of flour, half cup of butter, 2.5 cups of half and half, 1.5 cups of milk. Add a teaspoon of sodium citrate to that much cheese sauce, or about 8 cups of sauce. That will make enough sauce for a pound of macaroni product noodles. I generally do twisty or shells

If you don't have pure sodium citrate, a single slice of American Cheese will do the trick.


You too watched NileRed?


No. I'm a retired chef.


Land o Lakes still makes a cultured American actuall f$%kdamn cheese and it is amazing. Nothing like kraft singles.


Is this racism against my people (The French) ? ^(/s)


Only if they use American cheese

themeatbridge [OP]

No, but that Superbowl ad was.


I will NOT have you slander such a noble foodstuff, vile heathen!

way more cheese than you should eat at once

This is not a logical statement, for it cannot be true.


Nah cheese is really good for you it is usually easier to digest than milk. It has some pretty important fats and all 9 essential amino acids. It is calorie dense which makes it a great pick me up snack. And if you're a vegetarian cheese is one of the few foods that fill the role of meat.

themeatbridge [OP]

How much cheese is good for you?


All of it, duh.


Depends on your nutritional goals and other food sources. If you eat nothing but fast food, you probably don't need any extra fat or sodium. But if you eat pretty lean, eating some fat calories from cheese certainly isn't a bad thing.

themeatbridge [OP]

So add more than that. Is it still healthy?


You asked how much was healthy, I gave an answer. Then you say add more? Lol what's your point? You can eat an unhealthy amount of carrots. If you have self control issues maybe you shouldn't be around cheese, is that the answer you want?

themeatbridge [OP]

Yes, that's my point. When someone is making a recipe, and they say add "a healthy amount" of cheese, they mean more cheese than is healthy.


Depends on the cheese

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How is cheese unhealry?
Maybe trash cheese but not proper cheese products.


“Too much of a good thing.”

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Constipation? Maybe?

themeatbridge [OP] , edited

Too much of anything is unhealthy. Too much fat, too much sodium, too many calories, take your pick. The best quality cheese can still be eaten in excess.

Avatar Carighan Maconar

In fact, too much water is deadly. We call this "drowning". (or hyponatremia, which is very not-nice way to go but luckily not that easy to achieve)

When the waiter comes to grate parmesan on my food I laugh and say that one block isn't going to cut it.


On keto fat/cheese is one of the recommended satiating foods. Eat as much as you want and be healthy in the context of the diet.

themeatbridge [OP]

In the case of the recipe I was watching, it was a pizza covered with penne pasta, so I'm guessing it wasn't a keto recipe.


Nor a healthy one haha.