Deadpool 3 Trailer: Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool 3 Trailer: Deadpool & Wolverine

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Avatar pezhore

Okay, I'm kinda stoked for this. I really liked the TVA in Loki Season 1, plus Wolverine in his yellow costume?! Sign me up.

Avatar Ghostalmedia [OP]

Agreed. This is the most interesting thing with “Marvel” in the title that I’ve seen in a while.

Avatar Obi

Breaking the fourth wall 3 times within a 2min clip? Give it a break haha. Still though I'm probably going to love watching this, pretty much the only marvel franchise I can still get excited about.

Avatar Ghostalmedia [OP]

Makes me wonder if breaking the 4th wall is actually part of the central plot.

Avatar CaptainEffort

I hope so. I loved the first two movies but really wished they’d lean even more into Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking and insanity. Like beating people over the head with subtitles, or rewriting the script to work in his favor.

Plus I really loved the comics where Deadpool had multiple other voices in his head that he’d argue with. I’d love for them to somehow incorporate that.

Avatar Caligvla

Not gonna lie, the continuity of the X-Men movies was always a confusing mess for me, now that they're apparently retconning those movies into the MCU it's even more confusing. All I know is that I love the idea of Hugh Jackman in the yellow suit, it's how it should've been since the beginning.

Avatar HybridSarcasm

Deadpool 2 was a disappointment. This seems like it might go back to the simple storytelling of the original, even if they are throwing him into the multiverse. I like it.


Is this a real one of one of the many fakes from channels like screen culture?


If you watched it. You'll know immediately it's not a fake teaser/trailer.

Avatar Zo0

Although it wouldn't be a first if non of this footage make it to the actual movie.

Avatar Ghostalmedia [OP]

It’s the Super Bowl trailer.