What's the story behind the mouse in the lemmy logo?

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If there is a story that is..

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Avatar RozhkiNozhki

In a 2020 post, Lemmy's co-creator Dessalines wrote about the origin of the name Lemmy. "It was nameless for a long time, but I wanted to keep with the fediverse tradition of naming projects after animals. I was playing that old-school game Lemmings, and Lemmy (from Motorhead) had passed away that week, and we held a few polls for names, and I went with that.

From Wikipedia.

Avatar alphacyberranger [OP]

Oh that's nice

Call me Lenny/Leni

If we get twelve animal-named fediverse sites, we can make a zodiac.

Avatar orangeNgreen

I think it’s a lemming.

Avatar alphacyberranger [OP]

Ah...now that does make sense :) .

Avatar nocturne

It is the mouse that used to sing for Motorhead.


I thougt it was the gerbil that went into Mr Slave's arse


Jesus Christ!

Avatar squid_slime

The concept of the fediverse was thought up by a mouse.

We now show homage to our lord the rodant 😍


Our Founder, who art in grayscale, hallowed be thy whiskers; thy comments come; thy shitposting be done; on Lemmy better than it was on *Removed*. Give us this day our daily memes. And forgive us our trolling, as we block those who troll against us. And lead us not into defederation; but deliver us from ads. For thine is the platform, the source code and the upvotes, for ever and ever. Amouse.

Avatar alphacyberranger [OP]

Ever thought of writing a remixed version of the Bible?


That is a wonderful suggestion :D

Avatar squid_slime

When Lemmy defederate from the rest of the world and becomes its own country this shall be our country's motto!

Avatar Otter

All praise

Avatar craftyindividual





"Yeah, so I beat a mouse at Go Fish"