'I'm furious.' Prime Minister calls Bell's mass layoffs a 'garbage decision'

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Just to the non-Canadians - this is something to be rightfully pissed off about... but Canada is strongly in the grips of neoliberalism (our two largest national parties the LPC and CPC are strongly neoliberal)... and this is what happens when you let privatization take over. Trudeau can be furious and this is fucking awful but unless the LPC offer public funding it's inevitable that private companies will be awful. So fuck Trudeau, Pierre Poilievre and Bell.

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No, the CPC is christian-fascist, not Neo Liberal.


The CPC embraces most of neoliberalism (specifically all the economic portions of neoliberalism) as well as a lot of reactionary social policies (like being rabidly antitrans).

The parties are vastly different but in complete agreement about privatizing the government.


If anyone needs this dumbed down, you know that angry white trash guy down the street, that shows up to any sort of pride festival event with a bunch of signs and his Christian lunatic buddies? The one that has the REPENT and biblical signs nailed poorly to the side of their house? Yeah that's Christian Heritage. They policies they stand for are convoluted, but basically are wedged somewhere in between Nazi Germany and the stone ages. They used to be full Nazi, but of course that led to like a 0.003% share of the vote, so now they are trying to hide it a little better. And doing a poor job at it.


Oh gee - who could have known that an oligopolistic corporation would put short-term profits ahead of the common good? Our politicians should have considered the parable of the scorpion and the frog as they let the likes of Bell and Rogers gobble up our independent media and telecoms. These corpos will make promise after promise and renege on them the moment it becomes advantageous.

Aaaand we have the Conservatives, who I'm sure will form government next election, consistently chomping at the bit to gut the CBC.


Yeah I would bet money on the cons getting power next election. Our population just flip flops between the two without actually using any critical thought process. Our whole electoral system needs reform


Yeah, it's too bad that the Liberals, who campaigned on electoral reform, decided it was a bad idea after all when they realized it wasn't going to benefit them. I'll never even consider voting for them for a few decades after they pulled that move. I mean, I wouldn't be voting for them either way, but now I straight up loathe them. "Thankfully" I live in a firmly Conservative riding federally so I don't even have to consider voting Liberal to keep the Cons out, because my NDP vote doesn't matter anyway. So yay for functionally not having a say in our democracy due to FPTP.


"I'm furious" and then an "so anyway" moment. Looks like a bunch of stern words that won't be followed by any action whatsoever. At least they somewhat conceal the corporate dicksucking with a dog and pony show of "harsh words". In the US we just get silence from our motherfucking politicians.