Aurora Store receives new update

submitted by dez

Found it more stable and the UI looks a little better, imo.

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It's been a while, thanks for the heads-up!


Why is this not updated in the F-Droid repo?


Takes a few days


BTW could anyone get it working on GrapheneOS? It crashes when I start typing a search request. (I've not tried the new version yet, but older versions installed from f-droid crashed.)


Works for me, I downloaded the new version directly from their Gitlab. v4.3.5 worked fine as well.


You might be blocking access to a specific Google Play Store domain or IP. I use Rethink firewall and experienced this when I was blocking a lot of Google's domains. I am using Lineage OS.


I don't, however my ISP can do. I'll try to connect over VPN to check, thanks!


I haven't heard of Aurora before. I'm guessing it's similar to F-Droid? Just extract and install the APK?


It's a wrapper over Google Play not F-Droid. Much nicer interface, you can filter for things like ads/paid/GSF, you can bypass some regional blocks, you can login with Google accounts or use it anonymously etc.


Its only recommended that you use a throw away Google account for paid apps on Aurora. So I've been told.


Never happened to me, but technically your account can get banned using Aurora since it's against the TOS. Also i mostly use aurora for privacy, so an different account only to download apps is a good idea. (Ideally you should even use the anonymous feature, but i had some stability problems with that so i switched to a throwaway account)


Thanks for the responses! I'll look more into it over the weekend!


I would add the exodus feature, which shows a list of trackers from an app.


It lets you install Google Play apps without Google Play itself


Aurora Store is a play store wrapper.

Aurora Droid is an F-droid wrapper.

I use Aurora droid. It is much better than just Fdroid. Search works well, updates are easy, and what is that? App pictures and icons actually load?? 😂 It generally is nicer to use than F-droid and you can add many different repositories to it including custom ones


You have to leave always use data/wifi option on then icons and pictures load.


Hell yeah!