How to Power On Dell Poweredge Server Remotely & Safely?

submitted by brownmustardminion

Some background: - have a poweredge r320 on battery backup (basic APC unit) - have unifi dream machine - poweredge powers down automatically if power goes out

What's the safest way to allow myself to power on the server in the event it shuts down while I'm not home?

I figure since I have remote access to my UDM, perhaps there's a command I can execute from there to power it on?

My fear is using a method that provides more than just poweron commands remotely. I want to keep the server attack vectors down.

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1couchpotato , edited

I'm going through the same thing with a pfsense bare metal nuc that doesn't have power settings in bios. I'm planning to set up a switchbot linked with a switchbot smart plug to automatically press the power button.

Set up the smart plug in a different outlet with something that automatically turns on when power is restored (isp router, or maybe your ups).

In switchbot app, when plug power use goes up from 0, tell switchbot to press pfsense nuc power button.

Something to that effect. I'm still waiting on stuff to arrive. You could also just set up a switchbot and manually press the button whenever you want remotely through the app.