[Question] Family oriented social network that is local only

submitted by terminal

Hey selfhosters,

I'm looking for some help finding a selfhosted local only social network with mobile apps (for the less tech savvy).

Basically my family lives all over the place and we want an easy way to share photos of our children and family events with comments and engagement. We are privacy minded and don't want pictures of our kids drifting over a social network. I'm struggling to find any software that is always local only and private.

Somethings I have seen that seem promising but not quite right: - Secure Scuttlebutt Apps - Mastodon +Hometown - Immich - Just a plane old blog

Hometown is almost perfect but it still allows for federation and that will be hard to teach some of my family about. Immich looks great! But doesn't have anyway to engage nor feed.

Hopefully someone out there knows of something. Ideally it would have an interface like social media without the intent to reach the wider world outside of my family.

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