Self hosted(Docker hopefully) solutions of personal inventory tracking?

submitted by DLSantini

My new overnight job unfortunately comes with a mandatory 1-hour lunch break (sitting destroys my back, and I'd also rather be earning money if I have to be there anyway), so I end up looking at random shit on my phone. I forget where I saw it, but I recently got reminded of those apps that let you completely catalog your wardrobe, so you can browse your clothing easily in the app, match things up the way you want, plan what to wear with what, you get the idea.

And that got me thinking, in the last few years, I've gone from a person with what I thought was a lot of tshirts and hats, at like 40 shirts and 15-20 hats, to someone with... well, what appears to be a collection of around 200+ tshirts, 30 or so hoodies, and maybe 70-80 hats, of various colors, styles, graphics, etc. Not to mention a sizable collection of sunglasses, jewelry, etc. In the last week or so, I completely reorganized how everything is hung or stored in my closet. And I realized that the way I have stuff now, it's well suited to easily add a numbering system, so if I were to add everything into such an app as I mentioned above, I could easily browse everything I have, and once I've decided I need something in particular, I'd know exactly which hanger to find it on or which spot to find that hat that I want, and be able to find it and grab it in a few seconds.

So I'm wondering, is there a self hosted version of those wardrobe apps? Preferably a docker(I run Unraid and do everything via docker containers there), and hopefully something that also has an available Android app.

But beyond that, I'm wondering if there are similar options for other stuff. I have probably a couple hundred unpainted figures/minis/whatever-wanna-call-them, and would love to have a way to catalog/inventory them, with the ability to give them labels, images, tags, etc, so it's easy to browse what I have through an app, rather than trying to randomly dig through a bunch a drawers, unwrapping and rewrapping stuff trying to figure out what it is. I've seen apps to do exactly that kind of cataloging of paints specifically, but not really anything for keeping an inventory of actual figures. And those are only Android apps, not really anything I can add to my Docker setup. Now that I'm in the new job, I'm working on rearranging my living space so I have room to setup my art desk, and can start painting some of these things again. Would be really helpful to have everything digitized so I can easily browse what I have, plan out projects, find the actual physical item in my collection once I need it, etc.

Are there dedicated self hosted solutions out there for either of those things? Or a single more general solution that can work for both? I'd rather have dedicated setups for each one, especially in the case of clothing, but I'd consider whatever's available, if there even is anything available. Or am I stuck with whatever existing Android apps I can find?

Anybody else already doing any kind of inventorying and tracking off their own personal items, and have thoughts?

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