Actual: How to import data with proper readable payee?

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I'm trying out Actual and have imported my bank's (Sparkasse) data for my checking account via CSV. In the CSV import, I obviously had to set the correct fields and was a bit confused because Actual only has the "Payee" field while my CSVs have IBAN, BIC and a free text name (i.e. "Employer GmbH".)

IBAN is preferable because it's a unique ID while the free text name can be empty or possibly even change(?). (Don't know how that works.)
OTOH, the free text name is preferable because I (as a human) can use it to infer the actual payee while the IBANs are just a bunch of numbers.

Is it possible to use IBAN aswell as the free text name or have a mapping between IBAN and a display name?

How do you handle that?

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