The US says it is going to put its new long-range strike missiles, including hypersonic weapons, in Germany

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  • The US announced deployments of new long-range fires weapons to Germany will start in 2026.
  • The capabilities will include the SM-6, Tomahawk, and developmental hypersonic weapons. 
  • The war in Ukraine has shown a need for more deep-strike options.

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This is the best summary I could come up with:

The planned deployment of new weapons systems to Germany follows the collapse of the INF Treaty and comes as NATO learns key lessons from the war in Ukraine, one being the value of ground-launched long-range strike options.

The US and Germany released a statement on Wednesday on the coming "episodic deployments of the long-range fires capabilities of its Multi-Domain Task Force in Germany in 2026, as part of planning for enduring stationing of these capabilities in the future."

The US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in 2019, which Washington accused Moscow of violating, allowed it to begin developing and fielding new ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers.

Fabian Hoffman, a doctoral research fellow with the Oslo Nuclear Project, explained in a War on the Rocks commentary last year that "the ability to engage targets at operational and strategic depth critically enables the conduct of offensive and defensive maneuvers and can shape the conditions for victory on the battlefield."

But, he said, "European states have long ignored the shift towards stand-off range and precision strike in modern war."

New efforts are presently underway, though, and as Timothy Wright and Zuzanna Gwadera with the International Institute of Strategic Studies wrote recently, "NATO member states are reversing decades of surface-to-surface missile and rocket-inventory cuts by acquiring new capabilities."

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It's a good spot. Fairly close to many threats and in a stable country that is a strong ally.


Username and avatar check out.


And also there is still a big US infrastructure at hand with all the bases.


Hehe that's an understatement. I think we have like an entire city there full of American soldiers.


Well given what Germany did for an entire half century not long ago and what Russia did in close proximity it’s understandable


Multiple cities. At least Ramstein and Spangdahlem are really big and could count as a small city. That's why I said there is still a good infrastructure even after a lot of US soldiers were sent home and bases got closed in the last few years.

Mabel [She/Fae/Its]

Getting flashbacks to turkey in the 60s...


Please don't...

Flying Squid

Yeah, please make Germany more vulnerable to Russia! We need Europe ruled by Putin who is definitely a benevolent and friendly guy and not a ruthless dictator.


Germany vulnerable to Russia, really? Russia can barely take on Ukraine but now it's a threat to Germany? Putting NATO missiles in Germany has more to do with US power projection than defense for Germany.

Flying Squid

Last I checked, Russia still had nuclear weapons. Did that change?


I'm pretty sure they also know they would be flattened if they decide to nuke a European country


Russia claims to have 6000 nukes. Let's pretend they have 50 working ones. If they detonate 1 of them, will the EU really flatten them while they're waving 49 more?

Flying Squid

Well as long as you're pretty sure, I don't think there's anything for anyone to worry about.

You do have the relevant experience and education when it comes to foreign relations and military strategy, right? Otherwise we might be putting our trust in the wrong person.


So the afd can have these weapons when they’re in power? Great…

unexposedhazard , edited

No not really. The nukes, that were stationed in Ramstein for example, were not under german control. Its a US military base staffed with US soldiers. Its currently unknown if they still have nukes there, but i assume thats where these would go.

Germany itself doesnt have any nukes.

dEVbiKub , edited

That's reassuring, the splendid democracy US of A has proven to always elect reliable and trustworthy presidents, who has the ultimate authority over such weapons! Totally looking forward for the upcoming election, both candidates are great, especially the orange one!


Yeah i know "under US control" is not very reassuring. It never was but especially not now.

Flying Squid

The U.S. has the weapons already whether or not they're in Germany. That particular genie is out of the bottle.

roboto , edited

Idk why you’re getting so many downvotes, we’re like 2-3 elections away from having fascists and literal Nazis, among them e.g. people who are descendants of NSDAP officials and convicted war criminals (Beatrix von Storch). The situation is bleak in Germany.