Russia bans Moscow Times newspaper

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Russia has declared the English-language newspaper The Moscow Times an "undesirable organization." Cooperating with the outlet can entail sentences of up to five years in prison

The Russian Prosecutor General's Office on Wednesday banned the online newspaper *The Moscow Times*.

The website was blocked in Russia for allegedly discrediting the country's military shortly after the start of Kremlin-backed invasion of Ukraine.

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Is the Moscow Times legitimate, or are they propaganda?


One if the few newspapers left that criticized the Russian government. They operate from abroad now, and still publish online.


Most likely not they state propaganda if they are banning it.


Or is it 5d chess.

Echo Dot

That's about 4D more complicated than Russia is capable of.


4d Stratego, final offer.


This is the best summary I could come up with:

The Russian Prosecutor General's Office on Wednesday banned the online newspaper The Moscow Times.

The website was blocked in Russia for allegedly discrediting the country's military shortly after the start of Kremlin-backed invasion of Ukraine.

The Prosecutor General's Office classified the newspaper as an "undesirable organization," saying it was undermining Russia's leadership.

The designation means that any cooperation with or payments to the outlet are now considered a criminal offense carrying sentences of up to five years in prison.

"The work of the publishing house is aimed at discrediting the decisions of the Russian leadership in both domestic and foreign policy," the statement said.

Other Russian outlets such as Novaya Gazeta, Meduza, The Insider and Istories have also been classified as "undesirable" and banned.

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This is what Trump wants for America. Don't like the news? Send the reporters and anyone they talk to to prison.


Any tankies care to comment?

Flying Squid

"It is necessary to fight against Western oppression and things will change when the revolution is over."


I mean they're well on record thinking freedom of the press is an American lie


Something something color revolution what you see isn't what is happening


So this actually made me think, since corporations and organizations are seen as people in the US, could they be prosecuted and if found guilty the people identified in helping commit the crime serve the punishment a private citizen would have gotten for committing the sams crime?

Like here it's an absolute sham, but charging organizations for crimes committed in their name sounds like a pretty easy way to avoid the untangling of having to actually identify the specific executive responsible and prosecute only them when plenty of other people had to be knowing willing complicits in the whole deal for most things to get much further than some nepo baby's vision board.