Biden backs Starmer’s bid to renegotiate Brexit and bring UK closer to EU

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The president, who has been a critic of Brexit and the UK’s departure from the EU, made it clear he values the special relationship but only as a “knot” tying together the US and Europe.

It comes as Sir Keir has started the process of renegotiating Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and also setting up a new EU security pact.

The two men met immediately after England’s Euro 2024 victory over the Netherlands, which clearly cheered Sir Keir ahead of the meeting.

Meanwhie, Biden said the UK — a founding signatory of the North Atlantic Treaty — is “knot that ties the transatlantic alliance together” as the two men sat side-by-side during a brief availability with reporters.

The meeting between American and British leaders comes as Mr Biden faced more calls for him to stand down from his re-election effort following his disastrous performance in a =debate against his predecessor and current Republican challenger, Donald Trump.

Mr Trump, an opponent of Nato who has threatened to renege on America’s commitment to the mutual defense provisions of the North Atlantic Treaty should allied nations fail to spend enough on defense, is currently leading Mr Biden in most public opinion polling, causing consternation among Nato leaders who fear he could destabilise the alliance by pulling America out of it should he return to office next year.

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Misleading title. Brexit will not be renegotiated, it's over and done with. The relation between the UK and the EU will always be an evolving matter (like the relation of the EU and any other country including its members), bit Brexit is done, the UK is out and that's the new premise of any discussion and evolution of the relation.


Either rejoin the EU or fuck off


Why? Plenty of other flavors. The EU has partner countries with free access to the market and no voting rights. Countries with expedited customs. Rejoining would need to go though the normal process.


Because they already had a great deal then unceremoniously fucked up a lot of things by opening a can of worms that no one needed opening. There are knock on issues with those other deals, some countries house tax evaders and others make access for undesirables very easy. The UK has shown that they will fuck over anyone if it suits them so why give them a deal. They likely would not even meet the criteria for ascension now regardless given their move toward deregulation and apparent rise in corruption.

There is a lot of work for the new government to gain back trust.


Oooohhh "a deal". I read that as a negotiated settlement not as letting them of the hook with some kind of sweetheart deal.

No the UK has shat the bed themselves, now they lie in it. If they want to be part of the single market or rejoin, then through the processes that exist for that.


The fuck does the USA have ANYTHING to do with UK rejoining the EU? Regardless of which old fart is in office...


By 'renegotiate brexit' they do not mean in any way that the UK would rejoin the EU. Starmer said the the UK would not rejoin the EU in his lifetime.


We're also not rejoining the customs union because he ruled that out too. He can do a little here but it is just a little.


Even if thats his stance, what a dumb thing to publicly say.

"The UK will not rejoin the EU in my lifetime!"

Meanwhile, everyone agrees it was a terrible idea. Next day Starmer is murdered by someone with a brexit grudge. Next day all of UK asks "Ok, how about now? Can we rejoin EU now that we're not in Starmer's lifetime?"

Flying Squid

Regardless of your opinion of America, and there might be a better party to do this, it's not the worst idea to have a third party friendly with both sides to do such a negotiation.

The Snark Urge


I'm still glad the white house is on the same page as #10 about the EU, at least for a few more months


Sole military superpower, largest economic power, global cultural hegemony . . . yeah, I have no idea


As "powerful" as the USA is, we're talking about whole ass other first world countries here. Stop acting like no other country has any agency.


Did you somehow manage to stay at the End of History with Fukuyama? Is the portal to 1992 still open?


Why didn't they have Biden sitting on the other side?

roboto , edited

Will Biden remember this tomorrow?

But just to be clear: I hope he drops out and the dems win with someone else


I'm available. What are my qualifications?

1) I'm not trump.

2) I'm 40.


are you popular enough to get tens of millions of fans in 4 months?


Idk, he has most with just number one...

roboto , edited

I think that makes you a better fit than both current candidates by far. Let me know how we can sneak you into the elections


Bet I'll vote.

Announce your candidacy and get enough supporters to add your name to the ballot.

Follow that one kids book and make your own lemonade party lol