South Korean politician links rising male suicides to women

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A politician in South Korea is being criticised for making dangerous and unsubstantiated comments after linking a rise in male suicides to the increasingly “dominant” role of women in society.

In a report, Seoul City councillor Kim Ki-duck argued women’s increased participation in the workforce over the years had made it harder for men to get jobs and to find women who wanted to marry them.

He said the country had recently “begun to change into a female-dominant society” and that this might "partly be responsible for an increase in male suicide attempts”.

South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates among the world’s rich countries but also has one of the worst records on gender equality.


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South Koera is really bad when it comes to gender issues. There is a whole movement of women who are fed up with the sexism they face, called "4B", rejecting males outright as a response.

Also notworthy from the article:

At the same time, a government think tank recommended that girls start school earlier than boys, so that classmates would be more attracted to each other by the time they were ready to marry.

If your solution to a terrible work culture and people not having families is "to make the girls younger", you have reached right-wing levels of thinly veiled insanity.


Wow that’s verging on government-mandated incel-dom

Flying Squid

I guess at least they're only thinking a year younger rather than ten? I'm trying to find something not terrible about this and it's hard.

EABOD25 , edited

Alright ladies. You're hurting this guys feelings. Guess you should tone down your individual right to good labor, job security, and adequate pay. You're hurting too many men's egos. It's tragic /s


The only way I can see women being linked to male suicides is, you can't suicide without being alive, and you can't be alive without being born (by a woman).


I would bet good money on this having come up in the conversation as a "valid" argument. Mother fuckers probably gave the guy a standing ovation. haha