A Beloved Tech Blog Is Now Publishing AI Articles Under the Names of Its Old Human Staff

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I don't feel like signing up to this website to read the article. Here are alternative news about the same subject:

The irony is, that many AI based blogs will use an AI to write these news articles about the AI writing news articles.


If you're not familiar, 404 Media is definitely worth supporting. High quality, no-bullshit journalism.


that’s been my experience too, and i love high quality journalism, but i really don’t need more online accounts with my email address tied to them


Plus I don't want to be tracked what I read and click. But maybe this is a way to fight AI bots from training? Also in future high quality journalism will become more important than ever.


yeah bots famously can’t enter an email address


Notice my exact wording. I spoke about fighting AI bots, not about its efficiency.


@kate@lemmy.uhhoh.com I recommend using an email masking/alias service. The free newsletter is worth signing up to, they send out quite a few free articles.


but my issue with requiring an email is that i don’t want to receive emails from them for any reason ever


It's ok, I'll just have an ai summarize your comment and those articles into a rap


Gemini says:

About a blog called TUAW, that took a nasty nap. Shut down ten years ago, but someone's playing tricks, Sold to a firm, then Hong Kong, with some shady clicks.

They're using AI, to write new articles, you see, But here's the twist, they steal old names, a form of identity theft, you agree? Running old content through AI machines, A ghost from the past, haunting the internet scenes.

Debate is raging on the forum right now, Is this legal or not, gotta clear out the doubt? Some say it's copyright infringement, a big lawsuit incoming, Others say it's for SEO, the web game they're winning.

But hold up, there's more to this story, it seems, 404 Media's the source, with quality journalism that gleams. They got free articles, with just an email sign-up, some say it's a hassle, But privacy concerns arise, when online shadows wrestle.

One user suggests an alias, to fight the email game, Another scoffs at bots, unable to play the name. AI vs AI, articles in a rap, the future's unclear, But one thing's for sure, quality journalism we hold dear.



They ai-generated the articles, they ai-generated the author photos, couldn't they ai-generate some bullshit author name?

thingsiplay , edited

I think they use the same name, for their credibility. Edit: Names also help for search results and listings of other work from same author.


Even if the writer signed off on this, this should be illegal.

Actually make every AI generated poop have to list their sources. Corps wanted strong copyright laws, here it is.


I had an idea for a website that basically did that with "thisfacedoesnotexist" except it was a way for people to submit Onion style articles and have it feel like a news site (since the Onion doesn't take submissions).

But, for humor, and obviously not using people's actual names.

This idea seems like a quick way to be sued for defamation.


Sounds like someone is calling to "Hack Tuaw"