Green steel can cut climate impact of car production for just €57 a vehicle | The auto industry can become a lead market for low-carbon steel production in Europe w/legal requirements

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What I'm reading is they can save 57 euros per car by not doing it, which means saving the shareholders millions.

Why are we still expecting for-profit multinationals to do what's right just for the sake of it? Either we force them to do it through regulation, or nothing will get done.


Either that or they just produce 120k dollar cars with it. Or put an extra 10k on a normal car.

rockSlayer , edited

Too expensive, they'll mark up every vehicle by thousands because it's just so difficult to implement


Remember that time Ford preferred to kill people over $11?


Hence the EU thinks about just forcing them to use it.


Is turning iron into steel technically carbon capture?

astropenguin5 , edited

Depends how you do it, currently absolutely not because it uses coal coke usually for the heating and/or carbon infusion. To have it be carbon capture you would have to heat it with an arc furnace or something, completely powered by renewables (this is actually very hard to to because of the ridiculously high temperatures involved) and then find some way to use captured carbon to put into the mix, or potentially using very pure charcoal or something

According to the article the way they define green steel is using arc furnaces or hydrogen to heat the steel, idk how they do the carbon input tho.