Dozens killed in Gaza as Israel strikes fourth school in four days

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Palestinian sources said at least 29 people were killed Tuesday in a strike on a school being used to shelter displaced people in Gaza, the fourth such incident in four days, with Hamas blaming Israel for the deaths.

Israel's military told AFP it was checking the latest reports. It has acknowledged carrying out three other strikes since Saturday on Gaza schools being used as shelters.

The strike hit the entrance to Al-Awda school in Abasan, said a source at Nasser hospital in the nearby southern city of Khan Yunis where victims were taken, adding that 29 were killed and dozens wounded.


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Can we stop calling them "strikes on a school" when it's not being used as a school.

You wouldn't call it a "strike on an empty field" if people were camped there, just because that's what it was previously.

Just call them what they actually are, strikes on shelters.


For what it's worth, sure strikes on a school is probably considered more sympathetic than strikes on a shelter. Unfortunately, much of the public seems to believe Palestinian lives have no value, yet somehow attacking children (even if they're Palestinian) is still reprehensible. So, rather than allowing people to think that the school was converted into a shelter for Hamas supporters, they just use the term school. Admittedly, I'm not familiar with reporting standards around the world, so I might be off.

0x815 [OP]

Yeah, I agree with you in principle, it's just that I usually try to not edit the original version if it's not absolutely necessary for clarity, but, yeah ...

FIash Mob #5678

If the aliens are out there we deserve to be destroyed.

Just so sad.

Also, let's stop reinforcing the euphemistic language US culture has built around war. These aren't "strikes", they're bombings.