Etsy loses its “handmade” and “vintage” labels as it takes on Temu and Amazon

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They're explanation sounds very nice and innocent, but it still sounds like corporate speak for "we're ruining the Etsy app with a bunch of cheap garbage products and a never ending parade of sponsored items that you have no interest in"...

I really hope that's not the case


This was already the case. I have seen tons of junk on Etsy that is clearly just drop shipped mass manufacured crap from China exactly as you would find on Aliexpress or whatever. Thier "hand made" aspect has been widely underpoliced for years. All they're doing now is finally dropping the facade.


Sometimes I get curious when I see the exact same item sold by a bunch of different sellers and I see how long it takes me to find it on Ali Express, or to find the original product they all stole the pictures from. Etsy has sucked for a long time.


Exactly. Etsy has been dead for a long while now, it's basically 90% import crap that is available on other sites as well, typically for a lower price, too, due to Etsy's fee structure.

I also feel the few items that are reminiscent of what Etsy became known for are now priced rather absurdly.


Hey, lets not forget other peoples STL files and 3d prints of things that Id bet large sums of money they dont own the commercial licence for.


Absurdly? Hah! I find 65 bucks for a small crochet keychain absolutely fair! /S


Yeah, the only reason I go to Etsy is for handmade or vintage stuff I know I won't find on Amazon. I don't shop on Temu, but I wouldn't expect to find anything worthwhile there.


Sounds like a race to the bottom. What a shame.


Vintage has lost all meaning between ebay and etsy.


Well, now that Etsy has shit the bed; are there any alternatives for finding unique handmade things?


There should be a federated marketplace so instances can defederate from the ones that sell shit or dropship


I'd like to know as well.

Etsy used to be great but now I need to triple check it's not yet another Chinese dropshiping...