How Disinformation From a Russian AI Spam Farm Ended up on Top of Google Search Results

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Glue on pizza ended up there too. We need to come to terms with the fact that google is shit now.


Not to mention John Backflip; the alleged first person to do a backflip still exists


Thanks for the info. I always wondered who the flip was named after.

It's always interesting to learn things like that, because we have many names that people just use without even realizing where they came from, like for example how the Empire State Building was named after Frederick J. Building.


Msn is google?


...the same way anything else does?


They posted it on pinterest?


Almost 150 upvotes gets the article published behind the paywall. That's interesting.


maybe because most people lurking around here knows it's trivial to bypass wired's paywall


Alternative: reader mode in Firefox. Press it before the paywall shows up.


The circus war

Elias Griffin

Hah! I took that in two meanings one of which is in the John le Carré sense, "The Circus" being the nickname for MI6. It always seemed to stick in my mind though that the whole Nation-State Intellgence Spycraft Game is a Circus, full of theater and dangerous clowns. He even said something akin to that in *The Secret Pilgrim* (1990) which although not as entertaining as *Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy* (1974) it is much more revealing about Spycraft...if any of it true.

He did say it was "Fiction from start to finish" *but* also he worked at MI5 and MI6 and you'd expect him to say that.

What Spies Really Think About John le Carré

The British novelist didn’t just write about the world of intelligence. He changed it forever.


Beautiful info

Elias Griffin

If you'd like real knowledge, insights, and explanations of the Spy game, one of the best ever imo and so little have seen it, an NSA Signals Intelligence Analyst gave a talk at a conference about the German v Russian Spying during the Cold War from his experience.

That NSA Analysist is named Bill *Scannell* because, well, it's a circus.