Ukraine’s path to NATO membership ‘irreversible,’ allies expected to declare

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Varyk , edited

"The message offers Ukraine the alliance’s word that, as long as Kyiv undergoes democratic reforms, it will inevitably become a full-fledged member of the bloc."

So not irreversible.

Adding the word irreversible seems not to add any material advantage to the message anyway.


First they need to take back their territory though, NATO doesn't accept applications with active territorial disputes.


I suspect there's a movement behind the scenes which is considering using the territories as bargaining chips.

Russia's cease fire suggestion is to receive what they've currently conquered, an agreement for Ukraine to not join NATO (or even EU later), and rearm for a new attack.

The powers that be would use some territory as a concession to give away, then fast track Ukraine to NATO.


I hope nobody in their sane mind considers bargaining with Russia anymore.


Well, the industries want to prolong the situation and nobody wants to dip their toes into dismantling Russia, it seems to be their domestic issue. Russia is pushing a war economy hard which is never sustainable, but then again waiting has its price in lifes. If there's an option to prevent further escalation from Russia during some temporary ceasefire, there's probably someone considering it.


Russia's cease fire proposal actually asks for more territory than they're controlling right now, as it's asking for all the regions they claim to have annexed. It's a pretty silly proposal, we pinky promise to stop shooting once you abandon your defensive positions.