Russian court orders arrest of Yulia Navalnaya

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A court in Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on charges of extremism, according to state media.

The charges brought against Yulia Navalnaya, who lives outside Russia, in absentia are to do with her alleged "participation in an extremist society", Tass news agency said.

Navalny was Russia's most significant opposition leader of the past decade. He died in February in an Arctic Circle jail. Russian authorities said he died of natural causes - but his widow said Navalny had been "tortured, starved, cut off and killed" by Russia's president Vladimir Putin.

Navalny had been serving 19 years on extremism charges that were widely seen as politically motivated.

Responding to the arrest warrant against her, Yulia Navalnaya posted on X: "When you write about this, please do not forget to write the main thing: Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a war criminal.

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Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a war criminal.


Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a war criminal.


Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a war criminal.

YeetPics , edited

Also a sad, bald fuckwit whose only true skill is blackmail.

Did I mention he is also into crossdressing and urinating on underage boys?

Flying Squid

participation in an extremist society

Considering what Russia considers to be extremist at this point, I think most of us live in that society. Maybe they should arrest everyone.

rockerface 🇺🇦

That's what they're aiming for, yes


I'm assuming that's dodgy translation of "involved in an organisation" rather than a literal "we live in a society", right?

Flying Squid

It's a Russian court. They'd convict someone for breathing in an extremist manner.


AFAIK she is not in Russia, and I seriously hope that she is living an a country that is not in a hugs&kisses relation with Putler.


She's in danger in any country, Putin's grunts this year already shot a defector who received a new identity and lived in Spain. Ended up in an underground garage with a few bullets in his body. Granted, he was stupid / desperate enough to contact his spouse in Russia to come join him.


And left Ukraine to hang out in a Russian Mafia infested Spanish tourist town.


lol yeah not a bright one


I don't really expect random Russian citizens to know every city with a Russian mob presence


Whoever gave him a new identity would have told him whether his choice of place is a good one…


That's true. I hope she will survive the Russian terrorists.

Echo Dot

Personally I'd go live in Reykjavik. I highly doubt the Russian enforcers operate there. Plus if they find me there's always the chance of a convenient volcano delaying them.

suction , edited

Also if Putins agents have you surrounded, you could just pick up Björk by her feet and roundhouse ‘em by swinging her in a circle


Trump gonna turn her in so he can eat more Putin ass


May she survive the Russian terrorists.


This is 2025 under Trump...


Remember that higher turnout is bad for the GOP. Get out and vote.

If someone says you shouldn't vote, or that you should vote 3rd party, call them an unwashed tankie troglodyte. Don't try to argue with them, because they're dishonest, stupid, or both.


Someone really needs to take putin out


Also Trump and most of the Supreme Court judges.


Because that worked so well with Saddam, Gaddafi and so many others. Putin may be evil but you have no idea what could happen if you create a power vacuum nor who might step in to fill it.

Supposedly though Putin has cancer so here's hoping nature gets rid of him.


Supposedly though Putin has cancer so here’s hoping nature gets rid of him.

I'll consider this to be propaganda until he keels over from it.


Yeah there have been "news just hit!" articles for years and years and years about how he has terminal cancer or parkinsons or anything else and is about to die soon. That his face is bloated because of steroids because of some cancer treatment or whatever. (Somehow no one ever attributes it to an overuse of fillers.) And the first 5 articles you might fall for it, but after the sixth article like that and in something like year 8 you kinda realize that these news have no substantial claim. Fool me five times, shame on you. Fool me six times shame on me.


Hopefully sooner rather than later. And why would it be propaganda when he tried to hide it for a while?

Eximius , edited

It worked well with Stalin (though admitedly he died from a heart attack, so nobody to blame, but still his death made USSR a bit better almost immediately)


you are right, there are way crazier people in the Kremlin than Putin. He's evil no question, but he still seems to be rational enough to realize a nuclear war (e.g. as retaliation for Western help for Ukraine) would mean he lost. We should hope that the cancer isn't in his brain or some other cause makes him cross into irrationality.


What's the worst thing that can happen? Russia is already a shithole where vast majority of honest and hardworking population lives like shit - they will continue to live like shit. The only ones that will get hurt from the inevitable infighting that starts are the oligarchs. Fuck 'em.

I feel like this would allow next tsar of russia to claim this was putin`s war, give back Ukrainian territory, maybe even promise some reparations they have no intentions to deliver, and continue leeching off natural resources.

Either way, immediate problem of these cunts killing Ukrainian children by bombing hospitals is solved.


The worst is significantly worse than that. Look at history. Rwanda, Cambodia, Sudan, for starters.

And they have nuclear weapons.


Are you seriously comparing tiny, colonial countries to russia? There's nowhere we can really look in history.

Judging by the state of the rest of russia's military, I'm not worrying too much about nukes when the rest of world has modern and tested defense systems.


There are far, far more nukes in the world than defense systems for nuclear missiles. If one person "presses the button", everyone else will, and maybe 1% of all nuclear missiles will be caught.

GBU_28 , edited

Many here say it's a relative utopia to the decay of the west, which is hilarious


My Lemmy experience became infinitely better after blocking 2 instances where this nonsense is coming from.

I actually made a mistake of trying to have a conversation with them there when I just joined Lemmy. Never again lol.


What’s the worst thing that can happen?

It actually can be a lot worse ...


In what way?

The Snark Urge

It would have to be an extensive and extended operation, and it doesn't seem like there's anyone around who wouldn't fuck it up on purpose who has any appetite for such an undertaking


Navalny had been serving 19 years on extremism charges that were *widely seen* as politically motivated.

Can they be not? Isn't that what extremism means?


I was under impression that his last sentence was for his founding role in ACF which was deemed extremist organization for made up connections to Tatarsky's bombing, which would make that a terrorism change. But as a refresher I've looked up, and in reality they've been designated extremists for participation in elections, basically. The official case states that the foundation's goal was to stage a coup in fashion of Orange Revolution. And now with it, they have a case to put everyone who's ever been in contact with ACF in prison for 6 years, which they actively exercise. It's a complete sham, such a corrupt government should not exist in a modern world.


Surprising nobody.


That's the only opposition achievement she has achieved so far. maybe this will make her gain the sympathy of the 0.0001 % of the Russian population

YeetPics , edited

Bold of you to assume .0001% the Russian population is capable of feeling sympathy