Leaders head to Nato summit amid Biden doubts and concern for Ukraine

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World leaders flew into Washington DC on Tuesday for a two-day Nato summit where they are expected to agree enhanced military support for Ukraine against a backdrop of questions about Joe Biden’s mental sharpness.

Britain’s new prime minister, Keir Starmer, and Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, were among those arriving at the US capital amid a warning that Russia could step up missile strikes on Ukraine this week, repeating a barrage that killed at least 38 on Monday.

The summit is expected to agree a fresh package of military aid for Ukraine, including at least four additional Patriot air defence systems and progress on supplying F-16 fighters, to help Kyiv better fend off devastating Russian attacks.


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...against a backdrop of questions about Joe Biden’s mental sharpness.

How to spot a worthless article 101:

Step 1: It includes absolutely irrelevant information designed to push a narrative at all times.

Step 2: It was published by "The Guardian".


Yeah The Guardian is basically Fox News /s



Mixed for factual reporting due to numerous failed fact checks over the last five years.

Nice analogy.