Russian Missile Identified in Kyiv Children’s Hospital Attack - bellingcat

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Who'd we think did it, Australia?


According to the article, people were trying to pin this on a Ukrainian-fired American-made missile.

I think the other notable part is the specific kind of missile used. This one should more often than not land within 6m of where you tell it to. If it was actually directly targeting the hospital rather than "just" being a glide bomb flung in the general direction of Kyiv, that's even worse


I miss the days when I was surprised to hear that Russia probably deliberately blew up a hospital.

Flying Squid

I mean, Putin deliberately blew up a *Russian school* 20 years ago so unfortunately, this shouldn't be a surprise.


Where in that article does it say it was bombed deliberately? And by Putin?

The first explosions were the bombs placed by the attackers themselves. The fighting afterwards was as expected.

Flying Squid

Sure. Putin was totally innocent. Just like he was totally innocent when he ordered a theater full of hostages gassed, right? The hostage-takers gassed themselves I'm sure.


when were those days?


I'm sure most people knew it was Russia from the start, but I saw a comment earlier today that apparently Russia was saying that it was a Ukrainian defense missile that fell out of the air. They are likely just confirming that it was indeed Russia.

snooggums , edited

Even if the rocket was a failed defense missile, it wouldn't have been fired without *Russia launching missiles at Ukraine* making it Russia's fault anyway.


Yeah, some Russian shills tried to claim it was nasams. But those are Amraam missiles that do not carry a payload to do anything near that kind of damage.

vga , edited

Russkies seriously (whatever that mean for them) claimed it was an ukrainian anti-air missile.

Hurculina Drubman , edited analysis conducted by Bellingcat using social media footage as well as a 3D model of the missile, all point to the munition being a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile. The analysis is in line with the view of experts, including Fabian Hoffman, a doctoral research fellow at the University of Oslo who specialises in missile technology.

in the article they've got a freeze-frame where you can clearly see the missile just before impact.


Dick move Putin.